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New Album Herp Derp Ya Don't Sterp Out Now!
(December 02, 2014)

My new album Herp Derp Ya Don't Sterp is now available on Bandcamp! The album features 16 tracks, almost an hour of comedy-rap songs, including "In the 80s," "CUPCAKES!," and "Autocomplete."

And I'm running a special offer. Order my album today only on Bandcamp and you will get the bonus album Ermahgerd! Bernis Trrrks!! absolutely free! That's another 16 tracks of music just for taking part in the Bandcamp rush.

Update: The Bandcamp rush was a huge success! I made it to #1 in the Hip Hop section and #6 overall on Bandcamp, which put me on the home page of the site. This is awesome! I can now accurately say that I "have a #1 album!" I never thought I'd be able to say that!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped me out and took part in the rush! If you didn't buy the album you can still get your copy from the link below. The CDs should be shipping in about 2 weeks. Click here to order your copy.
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