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Piles Needs Our Help
(August 01, 2016)

Long time fans may remember seeing the name Steve Fernino, aka "Piles," on the credits of every Sudden Death release from the beginning. Steve has been a good friend since high school and helped out mostly behind the scenes with my earlier work.

Steve needs our help. A little while ago he began feeling ill and after a couple doctor appointments they told him he could not return to work. The doctors ordered him to have a series of tests on his heart but his insurance company is insisting that he pay for fees and his co-pay up front. However, since he can't work he can't afford those payments, which means he can't have the tests and get the treatment he needs which could ultimately save his life.

At the behest of me and several of his other close friends he has set up a GoFundMe page to raise the money to cover his deductible. Once he pays that he should be able to get the tests he needs and the insurance should start kicking in. He is not looking to raise a ton of money. He just needs $2750 to cover his deductible. If you can help him out please do so.

Click here for his GoFundMe page.

I have made "Hangnail" this month's free song of the month. "Hangnail" is the song that most prominently features Steve on vocals. He is the other vocalist on the song alongside me.
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