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Devo Spice Presents The Insider

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Get the latest episode here: Episode 111
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About The Show
The Insider is a behind the scenes look at what is going on in Devo Spice's world. Hear the latest news, thoughts, and general goings on right from the warped mind of Devo Spice.

Member's of Devo Spice's fan club The Spice Rack get an extra long episode of The Insider where they can get info on upcoming projects that are in the planning stages, hear early mixes of new songs before they are released, and get hints and sometimes details about what Devo Spice has planned for the future. It's the complete process behind what goes into Devo's songs.

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The Funny Music Podcast

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Download the last episode here:Episode 306
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About The Show
The Funny Music Podcast is a weekly talk show which is a companion to The FuMP, The Funny Music Project. Each week Devo Spice and The Great Luke Ski talk about the songs posted to The FuMP the previous week and whenever possible interview the artists who posted the song.

The show is broadcast live Thursday nights on Dementia Radio at 10:00 Eastern time. Tune in live, join us in the chat room, and join in the fun!

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Manic Mondays

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Last Episode
Download the last episode of Manic Mondays here:

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Click here to download more episodes of Manic Mondays.

About The Show
Nobody likes going back to work on Monday mornings. Why not make your return to the work place easier with a little comedy? Manic Mondays is a weekly comedy show designed to take the sting off your Monday mornings.

on stage at Con On The Cob Hosted by comedy-rapper Devo Spice, each show lasts about 15 to 20 minutes on average and features funny music, a weekly segment called News Of The Stupid, and other occasional segments such as Horrible Movie Reviews, Impossible Interviews, and Story Time.

The show began in March of 2005 and ran through September of 2009 when for various personal reasons Devo ended the show. Then in October of 2011 during a live performance at Con On The Cob Devo Spice surprised the audience by bringing the show back. That show, episode 229, was recorded live during that performance.

Each show is available as a free download from this web site. If you are podcast savvy you can listen using this RSS feed:

Getting Old Sucks

Nothin' But Truth
05/20- New York, NY
05/21- New York, NY
08/27- Chicago, IL
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