with Devo Spice, No More Pain, and Another Distraction

620 Van Houten Ave, Clifton NJ
July 2, 2017 • Doors 5pm
Tickets $13 • Purchase here!

What's that about Gabbo?

Devo Spice here. I've been booked to open for Psychostick and I'm really excited about it. However, I have scant few fans in my native New Jersey. Most of my fans are scattered around the midwest for reasons. So selling 30 tickets to locals is extremely difficult. But my fans are awesome. They suggested I sell the tickets to them, even though they're out-of-state and can't come, and then give away the tickets to locals. So that's what I'm doing.

For my fans who buy tickets I'm going to produce and release an exclusive EP with some new songs that will only be available to people who buy tickets to this show. To get in on this deal fill out the form below and order a ticket. If you are actually coming to the event, great! You can still get the exclusive EP. But if you can't, you will help me out greatly by ordering a ticket to this show.

Are you coming too, or do you just want the EP?